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With just 100 being hand made in the UK using traditional skills and methods, demand is likely to be high. Each chassis will be personally signed by the 'Father of Amplification', Mr. Charlie Watkins.

This pretty little boutique amp will no doubt become an almost unique piece of history in years to come and a complete joy to use over the years.

These very special re-issues are built to order. Please request an estimated delivery time at enquiries@britamps.co.uk
Watkins, WEM, Dominator, Westminster and Clubman are registered trade marks of Watkins Electric Music Ltd.
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Watkins Dominator V front 50th Anniversary
Limited Edition re-issue
How much will it cost?
Currently the price for the 50th Anniversary brown and Special Edition colour of Retro Blue is £1600. Click on "Prices and ordering" for details
Not so expensive for a hand made boutique combo amp.
For up to date exchange rates go to www.xe.com

Back in 1960 when this amplifier was launched the price was £38.50 GBPounds. Of course the value of money has changed a lot in the last 50 years.

Taking an average low paid UK workers wage of 1960, then calculating how many hours they would work to buy a Dominator, we can work out today's equivalent price. Using todays minimum wage (UK), then applying the same number of hours, the relative price would be around £1320 GBP. So the relative price now is not so different to what it was fifty years ago!
Charlie Watkins
enjoys a nice cup of tea while signing the back storage box of a 50th Anniversary limited edition Dominator

It doesn't get more English than this!
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