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Itís been described as the 'most iconic guitar combo amp of all time', it helped launch the musical careers of so many Guitar Heroes. With its unique art-deco cabinet styling and original sound of the early 60's, itís hardly surprising the Watkins Dominator has become one of the most collectable and valuable guitar amplifiers of all time.

Until now, if you wanted a Watkins Dominator it had to be a 50 year old one. Sadly many of these are in poor condition and possibly dangerous to use with worn parts that need urgent and expensive restoration. Even a completely rebuilt model is too valuable to use as an everyday, reliable and practical amplifier. Such a shame as the Dominator really has so much stage "presence" to offer!

Now you can have a brand new Watkins Dominator.

To celebrate 50 years of his innovatively designed, highly respected V-front Dominator guitar amplifier, Charlie Watkins has authorised a limited edition of a Golden Anniversary reissue. Only 100 will be built in this truly beautiful "Golden" livery, or optional Special Edition colours. You can now own a piece of living musical history, with the classic sound of a 1960's valve (tube) amplifier with art deco styling.

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Obituary Notice
We are sad to announce that the original manufacturer of the 50th Anniversary Watkins Dominator Reissue Amplifier, Mr Barry Spong of British Amplifiers, Colchester UK, passed away suddenly in his sleep on 3rd August 2011 at the age of 62.

Production and sales of the Watkins Dominator Reissue Amplifier have now been transferred exclusively to Mr John Beer, the proprietor of Amp-Fix, Cullompton, Devon UK with the full approval of Charlie Watkins.
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